The restaurant is situated a short distance from the city centre, near to the ring road, so it is easily accessible for those who come by motorway. In front of the restaurant lays the ‘Citadelpark’, one of the greenest areas of the city of Artevelde. In this park, you can visit the Museum for Contemporary Art, the ‘SMAK’.

JAN AND MARIE-PAULE VAN DEN BON, who were charmed by the location, the style, but most of all, by the lovely town garden of this town house, moved in in October 1986. The guests can have a nice view of this garden while dining.

The interior was decorated with deep blue and warm shades of orange to complement the abundance of green in the garden and preserve the original features. Paintings from José Chapelier, the painter from ‘Liège’ and pupil of Slabbinck, adorn the restaurant’s walls. Both this painter and Jan are daringly creative; the former with the vibrancy of colours, the latter with vibrant flavours. Jan can be as aggressive in combining flavours as José was when painting his canvasses. The sensual colour orchestra of the works create a charming atmosphere.

Jan and Marie-Paule’s ultimate desire is to create a characteristic cosiness that reveals itself in every aspect of the restaurant; the interior, the garden, the cuisine, the wine and certainly in the service. Marie-Paule, Jan’s wife, is French and comes from Dijon. She particularly pays attention to the details of the service and her natural spontaneity is part of the pleasant, smooth and relaxed atmosphere that reigns in the restaurant. As the hostess, she makes sure that the guests are given a warm welcome. After all, going out for dinner is in the first place a convivial event. Your feeling welcome is of the utmost importance to them.