The wine cellar

In the cooled cellar lie very prestigious bottles of wine as well as less pricey bottles, which are not necessarily inferior to the expensive ones, waiting for the moment to be uncorked. As every wine bottle has been tasted over a period of three days before being put into the cellar, the quality of the wine is assured.

Not only bottles from highly renowned chateaus are purchased, but also the vineyards of the Loire, the Alsace, the Languedoc-Roussillon, the Rhône and wines from allover the wold are explored. Nevertheless, bottles from other countries in the world are not forgotten. It is a continuous search for good alternatives in order to surprise the guests and make them discover something new. The vintages are very important because nature has a large influence on the quality of the wine. Moreover, recent oenology has improved a lot and the production of wine is strictly controlled.

Guests who like to drink wine from around the world can choose from a selection of top-quality bottles. Light drinkers can choose from an assortment of white, red and dessert wine available by the glass.
The wine list has approximately 400 entries and is constantly changing to provide new and exiting wines to the guests.