The chef is gardener

As the house was situated in sizeable grounds, Jan decided to settle. Gardening is a family tradition from father to son. It is a relaxing passion due to the contact with nature. Therefore, it is the perfect anti pole of the many hectic ‘coups de feu’ in the kitchen. Moreover, it brings you back to your senses.

The restaurant is surrounded by much green: in front of it lies the park and in the back is Jan’s idyllic garden situated. The garden is purposely not trendy or modern; it doesn’t need to be labelled, just like the cuisine. It was shaped over the years by the rhythm of Jan’s evolving personality and creativity. The ornamental garden, which can be seen from inside the restaurant, has French influences. Measured trimming shades harmonise with the natural and loose growth of climbing plants. On top of that comes the exotic touch of tree ferns and orangey plants. Round every corner is something for the visitor to marvel at, whether it be an inviting seat, or an enchanting water feature.

The guests cannot see the herb garden from inside the restaurant as it is situated on the right side of the ornamental garden and separated by an inner wall in which an opening has been made. As a result, more depth and perspective is created. The renovated old conservatory, in which greenhouse plants, citrus bushes and exotic plants thrive, gives the garden a typically English element. Visitors get the impression they are walking in a garden of a beguinage that also used to have a herb garden of its own. The charmille arch (high percola of the hornbeam) turns it into a place with an intimate atmosphere. The herb garden is of vital importance to the cuisine.

The garden is an important element of the restaurant because of its originality and picturesque beauty. It contributes to the overall atmosphere and serves as an oasis of peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of modern life. When the Belgian weather allows it, you can even have an aperitif on the terrace. Garden lovers will definitely enjoy paying a visit to it as well.